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Well today marks our first Guest Review on and it’s a good friend of mine who is a huge Assassins Creed fan so here is her review of Assassins Creed 4 – Black Flag on the PS4


Assassin’s Creed has to have one of the most diverse settings for a game that I’ve ever seen. Going from The Crusades to the Renaissance to Colonial America has been a blast and I’m sure every gamer can agree with that. Many game series tend to get stale after so many installments but this one has managed to keep me engaged each and every time. Black Flag is a thrilling new adventure with a very interesting plot. This time, we are sailing through the Caribbean in the Golden Age of Piracy and it is every bit of exciting as it sounds.           

Black Flag stars Edward Kenway, father of Haytham Kenway, and grandfather of Ratonhnhaké:ton (Connor), the two playable characters of Assassin’s Creed III. While there are similar traits between the three, Edward stands out the most as he is not your typical assassin. He isn’t driven by a moral code or The Creed; he is driven by gold, prosperity and his own personal gain. Still, even with all of his faults, Edward is easy to like and he’s definitely one of the strongest Assassins we’ve seen yet.


The story and gameplay start very fast and unlike the last installment of Assassin’s Creed, you are thrown into action right away. I loved the way that this game started. For long time players of the series, it was very refreshing to jump right into the game without the need for tutorials or reviews. For new comers it will be easy to pick up the gameplay because it is introduced as the story progresses further. One gameplay element that was surprisingly fun in Assassin’s Creed III was the naval combat/navigation. In Black Flag, the naval navigation has been redone and is one of most beautiful elements I’ve ever seen in a game. You are free to explore a large open world Caribbean. The naval combat has also been much improved from Assassin’s Creed III. It is very smooth, simple and well structured.

The locations and settings for Black Flag are absolutely stunning. The three major cities in the game are Havana, Kingston and Nassau. These islands each have their own distinct look and feel and once again Assassin’s Creed developers managed to make me feel like I was transported back in time. These particular islands are also only a fraction of the size of this game’s world. There are numerous other islands that you can visit in this game as well as forts, jungles and underwater sea diving.


In the present day Assassin’s Creed, there is no more Desmond and no more main character, you get to be you! With the new version, you start as a new Abstergo Entertainment employee who is entering into the Animus for the first time on the job. Abstergo, who are really Templars in disguise, have taken samples of Desmond’s DNA to use for the Animus. This part of the game can be a little tedious at times because it’s not always clear as to what the goals of the character (you) are. Also, being pulled out of the Animus isn’t something that I really enjoyed. Obviously, having the present day story line is a necessity, but it didn’t flow very well. While the present day story line can drag at times, Ubisoft makes sure that the missions aren’t too long for it to make that much of a difference.

The multiplayer in Assassin’s Creed was originally introduced with AC: Brotherhood. It is actually a very fun experience. It differs from usual multiplayer games because it is not fast paced (in fact playing it fast paced will get you killed!). Unfortunately the multiplayer hasn’t changed very much since it was released with Brotherhood. It has a lot of potential and I wish Ubisoft would take the time to polish it. Still, even though it may not be enough to keep you coming back to the game, the multiplayer is still a very fun experience.

What can I say about Black Flag? It’s extremely entertaining. I can’t believe the scope of the game and how well the gameplay has improved from even a year ago.  It is apparent that the developers have been listening to their players, because I’ve only owned this game for 4 months and continue to discover new things! I am looking forward to future installments in this series and I expect Assassin’s Creed V will be just as entertaining.


Game score: 9/10

–     Elena Camargo

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