Devil May Cry Definitive Edition Day 1 Patch

Well it’s been a quiet morning here, so after a brief game on Fifa 15 decided as it arrived on Saturday I would continue playing Devil May Cry. So far I’ve not noticed any problems and it’s been as enjoyable as I expected.

This morning however I was met with a patch to download, not unusual but it was taking a long time to start downloading. I checked my internet connection however it was still only showing as 50%. Then I found out why it had taken so long to get started.



A massive 18.23GB Day 1 patch for the game. I grabbed the PS4 box and checked what the install size was recommended and was shocked to see that it was 20GB. Now this either means that this patch re-writes over 91% of the game or this is an addition to the 20GB that the box states.

Thankfully the 10 hours shown in the picture went down considerably but I can see a lot of people who pick up the game tomorrow being very annoyed by the size of this day 1 patch.


Iain Culverhouse

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