First Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 information and image appears:

Back in January Konami let word out that Pro Evo 2015 would be releasing on the PS4 sometime in September 2014, but since then any information on the game has been hard to find and Konami have been very tight lipped. As an old school PES fan myself, I really hope that no news is actually good news.
This surely is Konami’s last chance to get the series right. New generation, new game and hopefully a new gem again. PES 2014 has been updated in recent months and it’s a game I have actually enjoyed, although not played much due to no longer playing my PS3.

The new game is expected to be shown in the coming days, a further developed Fox engine to be used that most Konami games are, including Metal Gear Solid 5. Deeper Master League, more team management options and possible weather change during a match.

We’ll update you all very soon with any information that gets released.

The leaked image is below:


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