Gaming Hypocrisy Gone Mad

As you all are aware Destiny came to the Playstation 4 first, with the exclusive Alpha and Bungie have also promised timed Exclusive content for the Playstation 4. This is really something new for Playstation users who have had to endure years of a percentage of Xbox owners spouting all kinds of stuff about it over the last 4 years. I’ve heard everything from users claiming “they deserve the content first” to the fact it “it’s a brilliant strategy and good business sense”. Personally it has never really bothered me about content, I accepted long ago that Microsoft were going to throw money at Call of Duty and the announcement at E3 that once again DLC would be coming to Xbox 360 and Xbox One first didn’t even bother me as unless their is a huge change in the title I simply will not be getting it.

Having played the Destiny Alpha I have really enjoyed it and can see it’s potential to be a huge series such as Halo was/is for Microsoft and the beauty of the game is that now Playstation users get a glimpse of the studio behind Halo. However it appears that some people are less than happy with Bungie’s decision to release content on the Playstation.

This has even meant that the Bungie community Manager David Dague has had to come out in defence of the plans saying

Well, we’re making a game for the Xbox guys, Any suggestion that we’re ostracising or alienating the Xbox community – I mean, we are making a game for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. We’re immensely proud of our legacy with the Bungie community and the Halo games.

We absolutely want them to join us in the world of Destiny. The exclusives we have announced will be available to them on a long enough timeline. I don’t know if that timing has been revealed yet, but everything you’re going to see in this game will be available to all some day.

This has only caused to fuel the fire of some Xbox users to shout and scream about boycotting the game completely because apparently “Bungie owes Xbox users who were loyal and even “stuck” by them through halo”

The level of hypocrisy is just amazing, I seem to recall that at E3 it was even announced that yet again Fifa 15 Legends will be exclusive to Xbox, and as I previously mentioned the Call of Duty content will be a timed exclusive on the Xbox.

I love playing Fifa, but honestly couldn’t care less about the legends mode because I mainly play ultimate team or have fun scoring and doing the Gangnam Style celebration to annoy my buddy Ray!  Sony have decided now that maybe they can spend some money and give some more exclusive content to Playstation users and I was really surprised by the stuff that Playstation users have gotten and will get to see first.

Am I happy with the exclusives that we seem to be getting ?? Yeah of course I am, I pre-ordered my PS4 the day it was announced at the Sony Playstation conference in 2013, part of that decision was that Sony seemed to be doing things differently. They offered me what I wanted from a gaming console, they had the F2P titles that I wanted to see coming to consoles and felt would be a leap forward and the Playstation Plus offer is still in my opinion the best out there.

It does seem to be the minority again who are going off on one because of these exclusives and I’m sure it has been done on both sides at one point or another, but if you want the Call Of Duty content or Fifa Legend go out an buy an Xbox One aswell….if you want the exclusives Sony are offering then for god sake go and buy a PS4. You made your decision of which console you wanted so just accept that it will have things that you will have to wait for or miss altogether.

Iain Culverhouse

Editor-In-Chief Of I've always been a gamer it's something that has been very obvious ever since I was about 3 years old playing my first console the Atari 800XL back in the summer of 1983.

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