Gioteck Announce #PS4 Headset Range

Our Friends over at Gioteck have made a huge announcement on their website :

A lot of our customers have been asking us what we are doing to support the Next Gen consoles. Whilst we still don’t have an update for the Xbox One (watch this space), we CAN announce products for the PS4 most of which will be hitting shops (retail and online) for the UK launch of the PS4, the 29th of November 2013.

As an owner of 2 x Gioteck EX-05 headsets one that I use for my PS3 and one for my PS4 I am happy that there will be a good range of headsets and that Gioteck are continuing to bring gamers what they want

Gioteck will be bring 2 different range of headsets

  • Take game sound from the TV and the chat feed from the controller,
  • Take everything directly from the controller.

First up is the Brand New EX-06 headset

Expected in store 6th December – Suggested Price £69.99


The headset will be wireless, having a USB powered dongle which connects to the PS4, and which will utilise the phono out connections on the back of your TV for all your game sound. The headset in turn will have a small cable which will connect directly to the PS4 controller for all your chat needs. Simple to setup, and a total, reliable solution from day one!

It is worth noting that the EX-06 will be available for the PS3 and PC, so make sure that you get the PS4 version.

Next up is the direct replacement for the EX-05

EX-05S – Suggested Price £39.99  


It is a WIRED headset, and has a central USB hub connector which has a cable going to the PS4 controller for chat, and two phonos to the back of your TV for game sound and music.

Next up we have 2 brand new Stereo Headsets

AX1 and HS1 stereo headsets. These are great value for money products which connect directly to the PS4 controller, and will pipe both chat and game music and sound with one cable between the headset and Dual Shock 4. The AX1 will offer a better base experience and overall sonic performance, but BOTH are great headsets at their price point


AX1 Headset Suggested Price £29.99


HS-1 Headset Suggested Price £19.99

The following headsets are the Chat Only Range 

The NEW EX3-R, our established and very successful EX-03 and our popular MH-1 model. Each offers a slightly different look and feel. For example the MH-1 has a comfortable headband and boom mic, whilst the EX3-R has advanced and improved sound quality.


EX3-R Suggested Price: £19.99


EX-03 Suggested Price: £14.99

MH1PS4_Hero_02MH-1 Suggested Price: £19.99

I am hoping that we will be able to review some of these headsets over the coming month or so and let you know what we think. Please follow @GioteckArmy and help them hit 6k followers

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