PS4 1.70 Features Detailed

The first major software patch for PS4 was announced today with 1.70 expected to land within the coming weeks.

So far Chris Owen – Community Manager For Playstation Europe has announced the following features

  • HDCP off
  • Export captures to USB
  • Rich media video editor
  • 720P Streams in the works

With HDCP being turned off this will allow users to record even longer game captures and potentially allow them to upload and edit them wherever they like. This will be sure to please a lot of people who have been requesting this since the console launched.

Exporting captures to USB makes sense as you will then give users the option to edit those how they see fit and also free up hard drive space for those who have not yet upgraded from the 500gb drive.

The media Editor also looks like it will be receiving a much needed upgrade allowing you to do a lot more functions (yet announced) but the Share button will no feature exporting to USB as previously mentioned.

The 720P streaming will be nice and increase quality will be beneficial for those with faster internet speeds. With this update Twitch users will have the ability to archive any live streams which again has been a much requested feature.

It is worth noting that this is not the complete finished list yet, there are more announcements yet to come regarding 1.70 software update.



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