PS4 Rest Mode Resolution (2.0 Update)

Now I’ve seen a few people including myself suffering with this issue and I think I’ve finally found a way to resolve the problem. For those that don’t know for whatever reason PS4 Rest Mode system to cause the orange light to pulse on and off. The only way to get out of it then is to unplug the console and then go through disc check before playing.


I recently went through a suggestion of reinstalling 2.0 however it came back fairly quickly so today I tried a new approach with the system completely powered off  –



  1. Put console into Safe Mode (hold down power button until 2nd beep)
  2. Goto Option 3 and and Install System Software (Pick Via Internet) – This will Reinstall the 2.0 Software.
  3. After system has rebooted – Turn the system off completely
  4. Put the console back into Safe Mode.
  5. Goto Option 4 (Restore Default Settings) –
  6. After the console has rebooted, Setup settings again until your on the main XMB or Login screen and turn off console.
  7. Put the console back into safe mode.
  8. Goto Option 5 (Rebuild Database) and wait for system to restart.
  9. Turn off the console.
  10. Restart console and place console into rest mode.

You should find that this works fine and will enable your console to work properly again without having the rest mode crash. All in all it took about 10 minutes to do and is fairly easy to do so give it ago and let me know in the comments if this helped you.




It has been pointed out by @PoisonMonkey1 that there is also a chance that it maybe a simple resolution by going into Settings -> PSN -> Account Information -> Sign-In ID and clicking verify and then verifying your email address.

For me personally my email address had already been verified but it is worth having a look at this as it maybe also resolve your problem.



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