#PS4 Trophies Not Showing On Facebook?? – Here’s The Fix

Well I’ve noticed over the last few days, that despite linking my PS4 account to facebook it hasn’t been giving details about what I’ve been playing or trophies that I have earned.

Well that is until now I have finally found a way to share your hard earned achievements with the rest of the world firstly login to facebook and goto your profile so click on your name in the Blue bar at the top of the screen.

The next thing your looking for is this part of your profile and click “Activity Log



Activity Log



This will bring up a new page showing everything you’ve done recently and hopefully some trophies. Which will look something like this. From here on it is worth noting that currently any trophy that you select to show on your timeline will be given it’s individual posting. So you will not get a post saying that you’ve earned “X” amount of trophies.




Click on the Edit button beside the trophy that you want to show off to the world, and change it from “Allowed on Timeline” to “Showed on Timeline” , it is the exactly the same method for getting games that you have played to be shown on your timeline.

Although it is a pain in the arse having to edit each trophy that you want shown individually it may mean that people now only show off Platinum trophies or new games onto there timeline.

Iain Culverhouse

Editor-In-Chief Of Playstation247.com I've always been a gamer it's something that has been very obvious ever since I was about 3 years old playing my first console the Atari 800XL back in the summer of 1983.

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3 Responses

  1. DV THE FOX says:

    I access the Activity Log in my FB but it appears empty,no interface,NOTHING.

    But if i access via my smartphone’s FB app (Android)…Then the Activity Log appears without problems,BUT THERE’S NO OPTION RELATED TO THE “Pencil/Edit” BUTTON…there’s an ARROW instead and the only options are “Edit Privacy (Show to friends,public..) , Delete from Biography, Hide” or something but NOTHING ABOUT TIMELINE NOR SIMILAR

    Any fix then?…And YES,i’ve tried the PC method on 3 browsers at their latest versions (IExplorer,Firefox,Chrome) and NONE of them works AT ALL

  2. goodgregguy says:

    Hi people, I might have found a solution to the issue but I haven’t test it out with other games, it happened to me today. What I did was, because of security concern, I changed/update my facebook password, I’ve also removed active session in the facebook’s setting, security, “when you’re logged in”.

    Of course the next thing is I wanted to share a screencapture to facebook, and I’ll have to relogin again, with the new password. I did not expect this would fix the trophy issue but the next thing I know, facebook started to have that “my name here played Destiny” on the activity logs.

    I figured, this might works with trophy and it sort of did. Here an example pic from my facebook activity log, of course with my name removed (privacy). http://imgur.com/AYBsniv

    Of course Im just sharing this, if there is still people out there looking for solution; just another good greg guy here, I hope this works for u guys 🙂

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