#PS4 Trophies Now Include Rarity Categories

Sony have announced that along with the usual Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum trophies that we are all used to on the Playstation 3, on the PS4 it will assign a Rarity category to the trophies which will change over time.

The category list for these changes are :-

  1. Ultra Rate
  2. Very Rare
  3. Rare
  4. Common

The rarity of trophies will be calculated across the entire Playstation Network, so presumably new release games will all start with Ultra Rare and then adjust accordingly as more people unlock the trophy.

So whats the point??

Well it gives developers and publishers an idea of how you play the game, what games will you go to hell and back to get and what games will be met with a simple ‘meh’

Platinum trophies are still likely to be Ultra Rare unless you’ve been playing the likes of Up, Terminator Salvation or even the dreaded Hannah Montana game will now which are likely to drop rapidly.


Iain Culverhouse

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