Specialist Gaming Accessories Store Launches – Preferential Accessories

There is a new mecca for gamers who want to get there hands on some brand new and exciting gaming accessories.

http://prif.co.uk/  is there brand new site which launches soon.


Who Are Preferential Accessories??

prif or Preferential Accessories is a new gaming accessory company that is bringing a fresh and exciting range of products to the market for 2015 and beyond. Our products are not vapourware, they are real, and will be at Gamescom. The team at prif are all experienced players in the accessory and videogames market and we are bringing our experiences (both good AND bad) together to create a new way of bringing products to market.

We know people buy accessories for their function, and our philosophy is to start with function, and then to find a form which best represents it, protects it whilst still being visually pleasing. We’ve learnt that doing it the other way around leads to poor products, with the function sometimes being completely overlooked.

What Can You Buy from Prif?

Whether you own a shiny new PS4 or Xbox One, a turbo charged gaming PC or a handheld such as the exciting new Nintendo 3DS, we will provide you with the very best gaming headsets, controllers, charging stations, gaming chairs and other accessories to bring you closer to the action.

Showcasing leading brands such as Astro, Turtle Beach, Microsoft, Sony and Razer as well as our own range of accessories, you can be confident in what you buy. With great service, free delivery and a pro shop and forum for gaming obsessives.


Prif have launched a brand new Product Brochure showing their upcoming range which is detailed in the gallery above however you can view their entire range in the Prif Product Brochure.

Personally I am really excited to see what the team at Prif have to offer the whole team come from a great background who are driven at making a fantastic community so please go ahead and follow them on twitter @PrifTech and @PrifGear.

If you have Facebook go ahead and like their page https://www.facebook.com/priftech

I am sure we will be featuring items from Prif in the coming months as the products launch in September.

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