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Gioteck HC4 Review

I was grateful just before Christmas to receive a brand new headset from the team at Gioteck the new headset is compatible with Playstation 4, Xbox One (with the Microsoft Stereo Headset Adaptor – Not...

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Gioteck Ex-06 Wireless Headset

Following on from our review of the Gioteck EX-05s headset the kind people at Gioteck have sent us a Wireless EX-06 headset to give our thoughts on. The EX-06 headset is a multifunction headset (it...

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Gioteck EX-05s Wired Headset

The Gioteck EX-05s is the replacement for the Gioteck EX-05 headset that was launched in October 2012.  The EX-05 headset was one of my favourite headsets and I had 2, one of which I...